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I am born and raised in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne growing up with a heavy family association in the Advertising and Marketing Industry. After graduating with Computer Aided Art and Design degree in 1994 it was not until 23 years later that I picked up a brush and discovered my passion for creative arts. 

In 2017, whilst suffering Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia medical advice suggested that I look to alternative therapies and meditation to support my recovery, which I found difficult. So a good friend suggested we try watercolour classes and attempt to combine my love for art with my need for therapy and recovery.  

Later in 2017 I exhibited my first painting in a small local art exhibition and to my surprise it sold; I was completely blown away by the idea that my art appealed to an audience. This was a monumental moment in my life which has given me the confidence to continue with my painting and have fun. In 2019 two of my paintings were selected to exhibit in the prestigious Bayside Art Show. The opportunity to display my paintings alongside accomplished artists has been the highlight of my artistic journey. 

I still love to experiment with new techniques, colours and materials whilst still “finding my style”, using multiple mediums such as acrylic paint, alcohol inks, resin and watercolour. My love for colour is the emphasis of my art. My main subject choice is seascapes, human figures and more recently created my range of animals.

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